The Daily Graphic website is “under maintenance,” so I’ll simply share this story, written by Abdul Aziz.

Need to give more attention to drama and theatre studies

A tutor in Drama Studies from the United States of America has called for more collaboration and cooperation between Ghana and the US in the field of theatre arts and drama.

Ms [Gsupernova],who was on a six month educational exchange programme under the Ghana Literacy Project, stressed in an interview that arts had the potential to save the world.

She therefore called for equal atention to be accorded theatre arts and drama as were being accorded economic and financial matters in bilateral and multinational cooperation.

She observed that where theatre arts and drama were given serious attention, critical thinking, leadership and independence flourished among youth.

She said where theatre arts and drama were widely practised different talents tended to complement one another for the betterment of the society.

Ms [Gsupernova] also said that drama could encourage development and social justice as talents fed one another and led to the creation of something which was bigger than the actors themselves.

Giving an example, she said that as an ensemble, the students of theatre and drama had to see each other’s perspective and understand each other and people in general to be able to fit into an ensemble.

The tutor said for instance that the students currently undertaking theatre studies and drama under the newly constituted Theatre and Performance Club started first by learning how to collaborate.

She said theatre games and exercises were employed to enable the students to know each other as in an ensemble before teaching them different ways of telling stories as well as the techniques and literary analysis.

She said the work could not be completed without mentioning the efforts of some Ghanaians such as Ms [Priscilla Adjei] and Ms [Sarah Boateng], who would continue as the programme’s leaders after Ms [Gsupernova] had departed.

Mr [Micheal Mensah], an assembly emmber for Pokuase, and the WomensTrust, a local microfinance nongovernmental organisation (NGO) that were partners of the Ghana Literacy Project were of immense assistance.

Two plays written by the students of the Theatre and Performance Club will be on show at Pokuase on June 6, 2009, as the final outcome of the six month educational project between the Ghana Literacy Project and their counterparts in the USA.

The dramatic style characteristic of Ghanaian journalism and my own tendency to hyperbole were not a winning combination, perhaps. But being in the news was still pretty neat.