One-Word Storytelling is a theater exercise in which participants sit in a circle and tell a collective story, with each person in the circle saying only one word at a time.  No one is allowed to tell anyone what their next word should be; you must listen carefully to everyone to make sure that what you say makes sense.  I did this exercise a couple of weeks ago with both of my classes.


Once upon a time there were some animals walking in the forest.  So they wanted to go hunting.  They were sitting down under a mango tree when they saw a snake.  The animals were hungry so they were happy to see the snake.  They were very anxious to enjoy the snake.  They chased the snake into a big tree.  None of them were able to catch the snake, so they got the rope and went to climb the tree.  The snake saw the rope and coiled on the tree.  They didn’t find the snake.  Instead they got the rope back to the ground and went to the restaurant to get some rocks to enjoy it.  So they were very serious and they got to the waiter who served them a food and they enjoyed it.  So they were very satisfied.


Once upon a time there lived a beautiful lady called Amanda.  She was very intelligent.  She was disobedient but she came to home after visiting her boyfriend’s pad.  She was helping her mother when her brother came from USA to Ghana.  She welcomed him nicely.  She and her boyfriend started doing bad deeds.  When her mom came and caught them she asked her, “What are you doing here?”

Amanda answered, “Mommy, what are you trying to say?  Are you telling me off?”

“Can’t you see that I am serious angry with you?  Make sure you don’t repeat that horrible thing again!”

What instructive literature we do create.