The rules and regulations created by my primary school students are as follows:

  • We will not be late.  If we are late, we will wait until the exercise the group is doing has ended, then greet everyone, looking them in the eye, and explain why we were late.  If we are late four times without an excuse, we will be asked to leave the club.
  • We will advise the person who was late not to come late, and to manage his or her time
  • We will be neat
  • We will treat each other happily and respect each other, with no discrimination
  • We will not be fooling while we are acting, unless it is time for that
  • We will not be talking while others are talking
  • We will love one another
  • We will correct each other respectfully
  • We will not miss meetings.  If we must miss a meeting, we will call one of the teachers, and explain why we have missed the meeting when we return.  If we miss three meetings iwth no excuse, we will be asked to leave the club.
  • We will ask permission if we need to leave the room
  • Secrets told in this room will stay in this room

We’ve signed the contract and adhered to it.  Unfortunately, today someone made off with one of my two sets of colored pencils, so our definition of “respect” will have to be very seriously revisited come Monday.  I hate that part.