1) I can now speak about 40 words of Twi, including the ability to both understand and answer three or four very commonly asked questions. When in doubt, “yo” means “yes,” but one should actually be pretty careful how one spreads that around here.

2) I pronounce “bathing” with a short A rather than long, and “Estate” with the accent on the first syllable.

3) SPF 50 or no SPF 50 (and there is always SPF 50), I am finally starting to get a little color.  I didn’t know that until yesterday because there aren’t very many mirrors in my neck of the woods.

4) I am 27 years old.

5) People call me by name not only in my base town of Pokuase and home town of Madina Estate, but at St. John’s, one of the changeover tro-tro stations when I am on my way there.  There remains plenty of “obruni, obruni” as well, but it’s still neat.

6) I have learned to cook omo tuo, yams and sweet potatoes, Tom Brown, and groundnut soup.  I still don’t have the arm muscles to handle banku, tuozafi, or fufu, but someday, folks, someday.

7) I recognize most of the major tro-tro stations en route to and from Accra, and know how to get to more places.

8) I have figured out that calling the United States is a little cheaper than I thought, although still not cheap.

9) I have received, thanks to my lovely mother, replaced credit cards and even a temporary driver’s license, for all the good that last does me (I would never never ever drive in Ghana!!!!)

10) Starting on Monday, I will actually be doing what I came here for: teaching theater classes.  The moment of actual truth.

11) I speak a little more slowly.  But honestly, not very much.