You knew it was coming.

1) I won’t finish my financial aid applications in time, internet access here being so slow and/or so complicated, and my understanding of finances and assets being so limited, and therefore I’ll be effectively broke by the time I return to the U.S.  I have already somehow managed to spend at a rate that seems ludicrous, given how cheap this country is.  Then again, I’m not entirely certain how much money was stolen in my wallet.  (But thanks to one B.B. for tempering this particular point of freakout somewhat.)

2) I’ll never get over the culture gap, and I am in fact one of those oppressors Paolo Freire so derides, who believes herself to be in solidarity with the oppressed but in fact doesn’t trust their abilities or self-definition and is therefore just the same severe oppression under another name.  (Though I love the man’s pedagogy and ideas about education, I don’t even buy the simple division of the world into oppressors and oppressed, so I don’t know why it’s having such an effect right now.  But there you are.)

3) Loud music.  Really loud music.  Five or six speakers, each approximately half my height, stacked on top of each other all plugged into the same source.  Particularly playing in the compound next to the greenhouse where I will hold my classes, during the time I intend to hold my classes.

4) Being homesick and spending too much money on internet cafes.  Case in point.

5) The fact that I really will have to let the kids improvise in Twi, and therefore I’ll be left out of my own classes, but that’s better than the kids not being able to go at the pace of their own thoughts.  In education, and elsewhere, this is known as being between a rock and a hard place.

6) The possibility that a hundred kids will show up to audition for my program, and I will somehow have to select among them.

7) The fact that there are many, many ways in which I genuinely do believe my own culture to be superior, and that I won’t shake that by pretending it isn’t so.

Thank you.  You can go home now.