Sorry, I’ll never do that again. Actually, I probably will, many times; forget I said that. Here, in brief, is The Plan.

I will be working for the Ghana Literacy Project. This coming Wednesday evening, I will fly from JFK to Accra via London, arriving at night on January 8th, where my host, Amadou, will pick me up. (Note to those who know me: if you use your real name elsewhere in a very public internet place, like a blog, I will use yours; if you have an establish internet alias, I’ll use that; if you don’t, I’m just going to make up a name for you.) I will very likely spend my first day sleeping, but on Saturday I will pay my first visit to the Ghana Literacy Project’s current central program, GEEC, the Girls Education and Empowerment Club. Hopefully I can get to know some of the girls.

Over the next week or so, I’ll start to talk to the schools about recruiting students for my three theater groups: one for primary students, one for junior secondary students, one for senior secondary students. Hopefully I can visit each of the four schools in the village over the course of that week. The following week I’ll conduct sample classes in all four schools, or possibly a centralized location, then conduct interviews to pick my kids. All the while learning to get around Pokuase and the Greater Accra area, and hopefully talking to a lot of people, reading about and learning about the National Theater of Ghana and Concert Party Theater (as of this writing, I’m an embarrassment to the force and know almost nothing).

So about three weeks in my classes, if all goes well, should begin. And then–who knows?

But until four days hence, I’m still in these U-nited States. And today I’m ghana go to Trader Joe’s to pick up some füd supplies; to the pharmacy to get batteries, sunscreen, hydrogen peroxide, Monistat, and bug spray; to EMS to get a spare filter for my water-filtering contraption and a money belt; to Barnes & Noble to get books about said theater groups with my wonderful aunt’s gift card; and then coming home to pack, get the massage my mother and my sister Hsupernova bought me for Christmas, and then out with Layna to hear all about her adventuring in Sierra Leone. Okay, possibly I won’t shop for alllll that stuff today.