The title comes from the subject line of an Email that my friend Tyromaven, then a very new friend, sent seven years ago, inviting a group of women she loved to leave the enclave that was our college campus and explore a Colombian restaurant in a neighborhood new to me. As someone by nature painfully socially awkward—at least at that time; I’ve no idea how I am now—to be invited into that group with those words was both welcoming and mysterious. I can’t think of a more winning combination.

I’m not much for the confessional style of blogging; the blog I’ve kept for the last four years has focused almost entirely on my political opinions, plus some poems. And I still feel surer that I care to that the United States is headed for political disaster while I’m gone.

But I will be gone, and on that I intend to focus the blog. I am twenty-six years old. I have lived in New York City for eighteen of those years, and Chicago for eight, with a three-month interlude in Cape Town. As of this coming Tuesday, I officially have no idea where I live.

I was invited into a new social world of “fantastic voyages and dazzling surprises” seven years ago. I now want to invite myself into the world with those words.

More poetically than I really feel,